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Xmas Shopping – ‘Hoo-ray’ or ‘Hor-ror’?

Well, we all made it despite the myriad of obstacles. ‘Made it? Made it where?’ I imagine you saying to yourselves. ‘December’ of course, and all that that entails. Obviously we still have to survive that too, but that’s another blog! Are you ready for the school holidays; have you bought your tickets for all the kiddy Xmas shows; have you wrapped a few presents, or even bought any yet; have you organized which relatives you’re Christmasing with this year; have you booked your holiday, paid the deposit; remembered to send your overseas parcels;

written your annual email update to friends and family; and do you have any idea what the hell you’re going to get your partners for Christmas?  I don’t know if I’m dreading it, looking forward to it, or just plain relieved to have made it to the end of the school
year.  Either way I am not ready!  I’ve done a few bits but basically the lion’s share is yet to come.

I need some Christmas gift inspiration to help bridge the ‘horror-to-hooray’ gap that is presently threatening to swallow me up!  Frankly, the kids Christmas wish list left me cold.  But one of the best local places I have found to get Xmas gifts for girls in particular is ‘Essential Me,’ Byron Bay.  There, the lovely friendly staff will guide you through the sea of pink that might otherwise threaten to engulf you.  Don’t be put-off – there is an abundance of wonderful gift choices for discerning little girls.

Here’s an idea that HiP had to contribute to the general fervor of the Christmas
spirit!  How about a gift voucher for a long weekend, set-up & stay, hire of a HiP pop-top caravan.  It’s something special, something different and something you get to use too! – perfect!  (We will be issuing these upon request, and payment of course!).  Click here to contact us.

If anyone has any other alternative ideas to share I would be most grateful.

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