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What makes caravanning so special for you?

If you’ve never tried or even considered caravan hire before, then you’re missing one of life’s’ rare pleasures. It doesn’t matter what your age or what demographic your family consists of, there’s something about ‘life on the open road’ that’s deeply appealing. I have not always been such a huge supporter of caravans. In fact, quite the opposite – I was once one of those people who spoke from a position of ignorance and prejudice. Before I had ever experienced caravanning, I thought it purely the province of the ‘older’ generation.

My perception was that it appeared dull, beige and old-fashioned – not at all something that I felt I could relate to.  Well dismiss your prejudices and have a go, you won’t be sorry.  Hundreds of thousands of Australians can’t all be wrong.  And those wonderful ‘grey nomads?’ – well they didn’t get to be their age, still embracing novelty and adventure without considerable color and flare enriching their lives.


So, what is so special about caravanning?  I thought about this question quite a bit whilst experiencing my first caravanning adventure.  I was not prepared for the sense of fun the freedom I was to enjoy on every stretch of our trip.  I don’t recall what my expectations where, I just know that it far exceeded them.  One idea I pondered was the way caravanning reminds me of how one used to play and have fun as a child.   Remember the simplicity, yet powerful force of ‘imaginary play’ so often dominant in our early childhood experiences?  The caravan represents the prop for our adult fantasy world.  It’s replaced that big truck we used to take on wonderful, imaginary trips to far away places; it’s substituted the perfect setting for the tea party for all our teddy bears and dolls; and superseded that cubby house, magically transformed into the towers of ‘Camelot’.  Caravanning represents that adventure and roll-play, but for grown-ups.  By reminding us of our playful youth, we automatically connect with the carefree spirit that children inhabit.  There’s a sense of freedom that comes with caravanning holidays.  It’s a breath of fresh air, an escape from common routines.  It’s a chance to unwind and relax with the comforts of the familiar (the van) and the simulation and excitement of change, of contrast, of the unknown (your location).


I’d love to know your thoughts too.  What makes caravanning so special for you?

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