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Top Ten – Non-Essential, Essentials!

So, there you are, you’re a seasoned ‘caravanner’, or better still a newly appointed ‘Glamper’ – what comforts of home do you want to bring with you? Think, desert island disc, only ‘must-haves-in-the-van’ type scenario. Granted, you’ve probably got the ‘kitchen sink!’ But bearing in mind you only have limited storage space, what essential items would you hate to forget? By ‘essential’ I don’t mean in terms of survival. (And, needless to say I am not referring to those ‘essential’ items that women in particular value, like their favorite hand cream, or mascara –

life without these items would obviously be
intolerable!)  No, I’m referring to those other personal, idiosyncratic preferences that make life on the open road, perfect for us as individuals.

Here’s a list of my top 10:

Proper wine glasses


iPod stereo dock/speakers


Bath mat

Thongs for Caravan Park shower facilities

Duck tape

Fly net, food cover

Outdoor matting

Swiss-army-pen-knife (large!)


Without these items, I think it’s safe to say, that I would be a bit of a bore.  I love hitting the road; it’s the most liberating feeling once you’ve found your caravanning confidence.  But there are those non-essential-essentials that bring a smug smile to our faces, safe in
the knowledge that we are on an adventure and simultaneously enjoying our creature comforts too.  Not perhaps Nirvana, but hey, it’s a step in the right direction.

There’s that old adage “any fool can be uncomfortable” – well, we at HiP Caravans like to think of ourselves as providing so many of those non-essential-essentials.  The things that can make the difference between, ‘enjoying a nice holiday,’ or a having a caravan holiday to rival all other caravan holiday experiences.  We have high expectations for ourselves and we expect nothing less for our HiP customers.  Check out our comprehensive list of standard inclusions, and see how many boxes it ticks for you.

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