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Top Ten Valentine’s Day Ideas

According to my Google research, Valentine’s Day is apparently one of the biggest gift-giving publically celebrated events of the year and it’s been around for centuries. So okay lovebirds, thinking ahead… what delightful declaration of your love have you conjured up to revitalize any waning zing? If anyone’s got any bright or creative ideas I’d love to hear them. If however you’re stuck in a creative love rut, here are HiP’s Top Ten Valentine’s Day ideas (- with a twist!)

10.  A good old favorite, personalized gifts (- if you’re going to go down this route, say it big, say it proud, check out personalized wall art, but hunt around ‘cause there’s some scary stuff out there!).

9.  ‘Go out for a meal’ (- only this time make sure you go somewhere where you need to make a ‘reservation’ for lunch, not dinner!  And remember to cancel all other engagements for the rest of the afternoon!  When was the last time you did that?)

8.  Book a beauty/spa treatment (- a very safe bet, if a bit unimaginative, add interest by going together and in the evening).

7.  What about the classic, ‘saying it with flowers?’ (- yes, wonderful, but so predictable.  Solution?  Have the flowers delivered the day before with a message that says nothing about Valentine’s Day and everything about love.  Only don’t forget to get your partner a little something on the big day too!).

6.  Buy your partner’s favorite perfume (- except buy a second smaller bottle for their handbag/ travel bag.  Perfume may be an obvious choice, but a second one will be a generous and surprising one!).

5.  Satiate the sin that is the addiction and dependency of chocolate  (- but never mind the kids parties, bring out the chocolate fountain and indulge, alone together!)

4.  Buy some jewelry (- only go for this option if you’re completely confident about your partner’s taste and you’ve had success at buying jewelry in the past, otherwise definitely forget this idea!).

3.  Sexy lingerie! (- Yep, you can’t go wrong with this one, it’s basically a win-win situation!).

2.  Cook a surprise meal (- the meal doesn’t have to be a surprise, but the fact that you’ve organized for the kids to have a sleepover should be!).

1.  Even better, plan a romantic getaway weekend (- but do something different, something unexpected like a caravan hire for a long weekend, preferably with HiP Caravans – our ‘set-up & stay’ offers the perfect Valentine’s Day option.  And think of all the brownie points you’re gonna win when you reveal this unforeseen marvel!).

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