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Top 10 – ‘Glamourvanning’ Tips

Today, there are no shortage of web sites that offer extremely good advise and tips for getting the most, or greatest safety out of your caravanning trip. But, here at HiP we like to think that we offer something beyond the mainstream. It’s those extras, or attention to detail that hopefully distinguish HiP from other caravan hire companies. So whether you’re looking for caravan hire in NSW or Queensland be sure to check our ‘Glamourvanning’ tips.

1…  Take along one of those flexible buckets with handles.  There are countless uses for them:  They offer a wonderful vessel for dumping things like shoes; wet dirty things; rubbish; wine or beer bottles etc.

2…  When you’re loading up your van, make sure the heaviest things are packed as close to the middle, above where the wheels are located.  It’s quite amazing how this will change the safety and efficiency of your tow.

3…  If you find any signs of mould appearing on your awnings or the fabric sections of pop-top caravans, try this simple concoction – it’s fantastic.  In a spray bottle of water, add 2 drops of Oil of Cloves.  Spray this solution over the area, leave for 24 hours and wipe off with a damp cloth.  Brilliant!

4…  Sick of scraping bugs and flies from the windows of your caravan?  Here’s a trick I heard about:  Cover the windows with glad wrap and fix with masking tape.  When you arrive at your destination, simply peel off and enjoy your unencumbered view.

5…  It’s all very well and good having a mini wardrobe to hang ones clothes, but how often do you arrive at your chosen spot, only to find all your hangers at the bottom of the cupboard?  Try this, it really helps: Place the hangers on the rail facing alternate directions – one with the hook from the front, the next from the rear, and so on.  Clothes pegs can help keep clothes on the hangers too.  Don’t you just love the simple solutions?

6… Freeze all your meats before embarking on your journey.  Freezer compartments are usually tiny, so once this is full, just place the rest of your frozen produce in the fridge when traveling (you might also want to wrap some of the frozen produce in newspaper).  This all helps prolong the fridge life of your food.  Also, bring along an esky and pre-freeze some freezer-packs.  Useful on the journey and for re-freezing whilst on holiday to help keep things cool whilst out and about adventuring.

7…  When caravanning in very hot weather, don’t pack your fridge to capacity, leave space around things to enable cool air to circulate.  By doing this you should find your fridge works more efficiently.  Always make sure the vents are not blocked and that your van is perfectly level when on site.

8…  For the fastidious amongst you, take a dust buster.  So simple, so easy.

9…  If you find access to your beds difficult- putting on sheets a back braking challenge – try using thin mattress protectors (Ikea have the perfect ones).  They can be fitted more easily, and just as easy to wash and dry as a fitted sheet.  Also offers the added bonus of providing extra mattress protection against accidental spillages etc.

10… When sitting on the road waiting to turn always straighten your wheels until you are actually going to move into the turn.  If someone runs into the back of your vehicle you will only get knocked straight ahead, but if you’re wheels are turned you can get knocked into the path of a semi trailer.  Definitely worth thinking about.

If you’ve got any tips you want to share we would be delighted to hear from you.  Enjoy your journey where-ever you decide to go adventuring…

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