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So, What did you do over the holidays?

t’s a question that evokes a myriad of emotional responses and one that most junior school children will be asked to think about over the next week or so as they return to the rigors and routines of school life. How will your kids answer? Young kids seem to focus their attention on their most resent experiences. You know the kind of thing, like when you ask them after a day at school – ‘How was your day?’ – and (if you’re lucky!) they restrict their answer to reflect the last half an hour of their entire day.

Which of course, if that happened to be devoid of play or anything memorable, their reply will often be a curt – ‘Nothing!  Can’t remember!’

So, parents (and teachers!) beware.  If your wonderful holiday experiences took place right at the start of the summer break, your child is likely to answer the question –‘What did you do over the school holiday?’ with an unfair and unflattering, ‘Nothing!’

How will you judge your holiday?  Too much food, too much wine, too much money?  Well yes, there’s always that, but what about the memorable moments?  The little things that touched us, they are there too.  Personally, Byron Bay came up trumps again and provided the perfect backdrop for a glorious summer holiday by the sea.

It was also our first summer holiday season with HiP Caravans and it was a resounding success.  If you were one of the lucky HiP customers, then I know you had a wonderful holiday.  This is not modesty you understand, it is the consensus of feedback we jubilantly received from our many valued customers over this summer season.  So, whether you glammed it up in the camper trailer, luxuriated in our pop-top, or exulted in our expander, a good time was had by all.  Many thanks to you all and we hope to see you again soon…

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