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Kids in the Bay!

If you’re looking for caravan hire in NSW with the family and want to enjoy a whole range of experiences, Byron Bay is a great place to start. Generally speaking, there often seems to be a lot on offer to stimulate kids, but what about the other end of their emotional spectrum? You know that feeling you get when the kids are over excited and buzzing around like honey bees – they’re tired from all their physical activity and yet they still seem to have the head space for “more input!”

Well, when you reach your plateau of endurance and you’re staying in the Byron shire, then take a leisurely drive through the hills behind Byron to the Crystal Castle.  There you can let them unwind both mentally
and spiritually.  Perfect.  We have three girls of different ages, ranging from ten down to five.  They loved it.  It’s an enchanting place whatever your age – with or without kids.

Taking a stroll along Tallow Beach is another favorite with our family.  It’s wild and carefree.  Our eldest has come up with a great game to engage her younger siblings whilst simultaneously distracting them from the fact that they are walking!!  And it really
works.  We call it ‘Snail Trail’.  Here’s how it works.  Someone less bothered by the act of walking, takes a stick and drags it through the sand, marking a trail as they walk along.  The ‘others,’ – those with the greater propensity to whinge about how far they’re walking – follow the trail.  The leader, keeps things interesting by going in circles, detouring around interesting objects, zigzagging etc.  Keeps them engaged for a good twenty minutes!  You can cover quite a lot of ground in twenty minutes…

Kite flying is another great leveler.  It engages the kids mentally and physically, and keeps them relatively rooted to the same spot.  A great bonus, especially with tots who like to trot off somewhere where you are not!  There are some great mini kites for sale at ‘Greenhouse,’ Byron Bay.

I’d love to know of other places in and around the Bay area that caters for kids in this calming yet absorbing way – any thoughts?

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