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How to Save Your Marriage!

If your marriage is in dire crisis, then I’m afraid this little blog probably won’t actually ‘save’ your relationship. But, if you feel like one of those couples that have lost touch with each other, then, hey! Who knows? You certainly have nothing to lose by reading on… Every relationship goes through its uninspiring patches. You might be going through stressful times, or maybe it’s simply the diversion of energy that goes hand in hand with raising a young family. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t you like to get back on tract with your relationship?

 If lack of time together is the ultimate culprit, then it’s possible that a bit of time together could be the ultimate, simple solution.

Taking a regular break with your partner could make all the difference to the health and longevity of your relationship.  Whether it’s time out from the kids or just time out from the everyday stresses and demands of life, ‘a change’ – as they say- ‘is as good as a break.’

It’s time to give each other some attention.  Time to finish a conversation; to tell that funny story about the kids; to laugh together; to listen to each other; even, dare I say it, to have un-interrupted sex together!  Whatever it is that you chose to do together, it’s less important what it is, than just the simple act of ‘being’ together.

So, now the question is where do you want to do this ‘being’ together thing?  Let’s
say you don’t fancy spending a fortune, or going to some swanky hotel.  If you’re just looking for some place to have some peace and quite, to chill out, re-connect with nature – then have you ever thought of hiring a caravan for a long weekend and heading for some of the best locations Australia has to offer.  Because amazingly enough that is exactly what caravan parks Australia wide offers its customers – prime beach-side/river side locations; or the most stunning, remote bush land locations.

You and your partner can hire our deluxe caravan, especially set-up for two people to enjoy all the luxuries of home – minus the stress.  Enjoy a rejuvenating nights sleep on a spring mattress; then indulge in a full cooked breakfast, perhaps washed down with a glass of bucks-fizz; followed by a stroll or surf; an afternoon nap?  And rounded off with a wholesome BBQ, sitting back watching the sunset, sipping a glass of wine or enjoying that refreshing quench of a cool beer.  The rest, as they say, is up to you…

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