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Great Weather for Caravan Holidays

As we pass through winter we can all sense that a beautiful warm spring is coming. What better time to enjoy a caravan holiday than right now. Caravanning can be fun with the family, and our modern Hip Caravans with all mod cons make it a pleasure. We give you the niceties that you might not want to be away from, like flat screen TV and espresso coffee makers so you don’t have to sacrifice anything.

You are free to take off wherever you like across NSW or into Queensland, and go where the mood takes you. We can help you with a ‘set up and stay plan’ if you like, or ask us about about preferred travel routes and the best caravan parks to stay  – we are keen to help and have a wealth of knowledge and tips and tricks to make your caravan holiday go further. We are the people to talk to regarding Caravan Hire in NSW.

For a great family holiday we recommend  the six sleeper Brady Van – perfect for the family with it’s own shower, big fridge and microwave.

Here’s a selection of useful stories and tips for our readers and clients:


Caravans a great, cheap way to see Australia | Daily News

WHEN it comes to going on holiday, things can get a bit pricey. … Topics: caravan australia holiday cheap … Veteran caravan enthusiast Geoff Price said they’re expensive if you buy one outright, but were worth it in the end.


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SO, you’ve packed the kids in a Brisbane campervan rental and you’re ready for adventure, but suddenly find you’re not quite sure to go from there? The answer is a no-brainer. Hit the motorway, head south for an hour, take …


Holiday Kids Recipes | Jayco | Australian Caravan Co.

Easy and tasty campfire recipes for caravanning families. Kids love to cook while camping, so why not let them have a go while you put your feet up? A humble box of aluminum foil is all the camp cooking gear they need.


And here’s a blast from the past – John Farnham in a Caravan Holiday film from 1972!

Johnny Farnham cameo in Caravan Holiday (1972)

Johnny Farnham makes a cameo in the rare Australian short film “Caravan Holiday”. In the Christmas break between the 1st and 2nd seasons of Young Talent Time…

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