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Wishing all those HiP customers (past, present and potential!) a very merry Christmas. We have never actually celebrated Xmas in a caravan before. We have had other family celebrations in them though. They were wonderful – intimate and memorable. I can imagine Xmas celebrations would be no less festive in a pop-top caravan than with all the trappings that come out for Christmas back at home. Because it’s not so much where you are, as who you’re with that matters.

 By their very nature, caravans impose intimacy, and it might be the very thing that makes them so successful as the principle holiday choice for thousands of Australians every year.  As my husband once said about caravanning, “In a caravan, it’s the small things that matter.”

So, what is Christmas about for you?  We seem to have lost sight of what matters, weighted down as we are by consumerism.  Christmas for me is all about family – the warts and all variety.  It’s about giving thanks for all we ‘have’ – all that we are.  We may over indulge our children and shower them with the latest gizmo, but they possess the true gift of Christmas.  They still have that innocent ability to appreciate and find joy in the little things, and then share their delight with us through their infectious laughter and jubilant wonderment.  It makes it all worth it – the unmasked gratitude of our babes.

Now, frankly that sounds all very well and marvelous in principle, but…  When do our children EVER really show their grateful?  It’s one of my pet, parent grips – how little thanks we get for what we do.  And again, the key I guess is not how much gratitude we get, but that we get any at all.  As the saying goes, a little -‘Thank you mum, that was great!” – goes a long way.  So I guess we’ll be content with the odd impromptu “thanks” and the smile that says you got it right.  Why?  Because there’s love in that smile.

So whether you’re enjoying a caravan holiday at Christmas or a Christmas holiday back at home, may you all receive sledge loads of love, beautifully wrapped is glistening gratitude – Merry Christmas Everyone!

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