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Book Your Caravan Rental for Christmas Holidays Now

I’m sure we’ll all agree that this year has gone incredibly fast. It seems only a few weeks ago we were having Easter holidays, and now suddenly September school holidays are over and the Christmas holidays are fast approaching. So if you haven’t planned your Christmas holiday, it’s probably a good idea to start now. Rather than book into a hotel or apartment what most people, why not do something different this Christmas holidays? Take your accommodation with you while you travel around the state in your own Hip Caravan.
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Great Weather for Caravan Holidays

As we pass through winter we can all sense that a beautiful warm spring is coming. What better time to enjoy a caravan holiday than right now. Caravanning can be fun with the family, and our modern Hip Caravans with all mod cons make it a pleasure. We give you the niceties that you might not want to be away from, like flat screen TV and espresso coffee makers so you don’t have to sacrifice anything.
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Caravan Parks for our Overseas Visitors

Existing and potential clients of Hip Caravan Hire already know that we offer a fantastic set up and stay experience. This is where you can book one of our fantastic modern caravans, and we will install and set it up for you at one of our recommended caravan parks, such as the Belongil Fields caravan park here in Byron Bay. There are of course hundreds of the caravan parks all throughout Australia, and below there are some excerpts from some great websites from overseas that discuss or provide information about caravanning in Australia.
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Latest Caravan News

There is always something happening in the Caravan Industry, including new products, updates to popular models, and new designs and fitouts. Our Hip Caravans offer everything modern and special for our customers in NSW who want to hire a caravan, but it is worth looking at all the other types of caravans and their marketing. Here’s a roundup: Coachman Caravans heading to Australia with new partnership – Caravan Times Caravan TimesCoachman Caravans heading to Australia with new partnershipCaravan Times”Young adventure seekers in New Zealand and Australia have driven the antipodean caravan market up until recently.
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Caravan and Camping for School Holidays

The NSW school holidays are about to start, so we thought we’d provide a summary of some interesting news, articles and blogs across the web of things to see and do, and camping grounds to visit during the hol’s. Mollymook Beach NSW – Did you Know? | OzeHols, 23 Jun 2013 23:31:18 GMT A two minute drive north to Bannisters Point and Narrawallee Beach offer excellent surf conditions and surf lessons are also offered during school holidays.
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Lots Happening in Byron

The new library gallery in Byron is given a goat of a name Byron council names library gallery for famous Wategoat | Northern … However, in a submission to the council, chair of the Byron Bay Library Exhibition Space Section 355 Committee, Jay Pearse, said The Lone Goat was a “quirky” name with wide appeal and “reflects, we think, not just the … A brand new festival just announced – The Boomerang festival will be on during the October long weekend.
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Byron Bay Film Festival – 2012

Byron Bay Film Festival 2012 is in its 6th year. It has grown since February 2006 when its main focus was on the wealth of talent of local filmmakers and other Australian films. Such was the success of the inaugural film festival that the event has since expanded to include a vast scope of international films and their respective audiences too. This is your chance to catch the final few days of the festival. The 2012 BBFF took place from Friday 2nd of March to Sunday 11th of March. Ten days of unadulterated movie magic.
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Byron Spirit Festival – bon voyage!

When was the last occasion you had time to heal, rejuvenate and indulge your spirit? Whatever the answer, if you feel like you’ve lost connection with yourself or if you want to help maintain your equilibrium and grounding, Byron is again hosting another wonderful festival – Byron Spirit Festival. The festival itself is located 10 minutes drive west of Byron Bay in the small town of Mullumbimby. “The Spirit Festival is a revolutionary new event that brings together the worlds of yoga, kirtan, conscious dance, tantra, healing and music to invigorate body, mind and soul.
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Quick Guide to Pomp & Pampering in Byron Bay

Where can you discover and prolong your pomp & pampering when staying in Bryon Bay? Here’s HiP’s quick guide of how to spend the perfect day of indulgence, when visiting this remarkable little town, no matter what time of year. Your first port of call is caravan hire Byron Bay! Your second, is to hire a HiP caravan; and choosing the ‘set-up & stay’ hire option, rock up at Clarkes Beach Holiday Park with your clothes, food and that special bottle of bubbles. Everything is set-up for you, even your beds are ready and waiting!
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Top Ten Valentine’s Day Ideas

According to my Google research, Valentine’s Day is apparently one of the biggest gift-giving publically celebrated events of the year and it’s been around for centuries. So okay lovebirds, thinking ahead… what delightful declaration of your love have you conjured up to revitalize any waning zing? If anyone’s got any bright or creative ideas I’d love to hear them. If however you’re stuck in a creative love rut, here are HiP’s Top Ten Valentine’s Day ideas (- with a twist!)
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So, What did you do over the holidays?

t’s a question that evokes a myriad of emotional responses and one that most junior school children will be asked to think about over the next week or so as they return to the rigors and routines of school life. How will your kids answer? Young kids seem to focus their attention on their most resent experiences. You know the kind of thing, like when you ask them after a day at school – ‘How was your day?’ – and (if you’re lucky!) they restrict their answer to reflect the last half an hour of their entire day.
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The Merits Of Keeping A Travel Journal

To those of you who already keep a diary or journal you will immediately identify with this blog. In the past I had never kept any kind of written documentation of my life. The closest I had ever come to that was the unbridled number of photos my husband and I took of our first child in her first year of life! Those of you with kids will know exactly how meticulous this particular visual testimonial can become. Not to mention the tedious hours of adoring video footage taken of sleeping babes.
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Top 10 – ‘Glamourvanning’ Tips

Today, there are no shortage of web sites that offer extremely good advise and tips for getting the most, or greatest safety out of your caravanning trip. But, here at HiP we like to think that we offer something beyond the mainstream. It’s those extras, or attention to detail that hopefully distinguish HiP from other caravan hire companies. So whether you’re looking for caravan hire in NSW or Queensland be sure to check our ‘Glamourvanning’ tips.
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New Year’s Resolution

Have you thought about your New Year’s Resolutions yet? With only 36 hours or so to go time is running out for those of you who haven’t. But hey, don’t worry, here’s a little something to get the pledging juices flowing. ‘A New Year resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.’ According to a poll conducted by, apparently, spending more time with family and friends is our number one New Year’s resolution pledge.
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Wishing all those HiP customers (past, present and potential!) a very merry Christmas. We have never actually celebrated Xmas in a caravan before. We have had other family celebrations in them though. They were wonderful – intimate and memorable. I can imagine Xmas celebrations would be no less festive in a pop-top caravan than with all the trappings that come out for Christmas back at home. Because it’s not so much where you are, as who you’re with that matters.

Xmas Shopping – ‘Hoo-ray’ or ‘Hor-ror’?

Well, we all made it despite the myriad of obstacles. ‘Made it? Made it where?’ I imagine you saying to yourselves. ‘December’ of course, and all that that entails. Obviously we still have to survive that too, but that’s another blog! Are you ready for the school holidays; have you bought your tickets for all the kiddy Xmas shows; have you wrapped a few presents, or even bought any yet; have you organized which relatives you’re Christmasing with this year; have you booked your holiday, paid the deposit; remembered to send your overseas parcels;
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The Joys of Caravan Hire in NSW

It’s becoming more and more popular to explore new ways of enjoying our leisure time. This has come about by an increase in leisure options that have moved past the traditional destination based holiday. People now want to enjoy the journey as well as the destination. What makes this possible is the ever popular caravan hire, where every luxury we might expect from a 4 star motel is available to us 24 hours a day.
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How to Save Your Marriage!

If your marriage is in dire crisis, then I’m afraid this little blog probably won’t actually ‘save’ your relationship. But, if you feel like one of those couples that have lost touch with each other, then, hey! Who knows? You certainly have nothing to lose by reading on… Every relationship goes through its uninspiring patches. You might be going through stressful times, or maybe it’s simply the diversion of energy that goes hand in hand with raising a young family. Whatever the reason, wouldn’t you like to get back on tract with your relationship?
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Top Ten – Non-Essential, Essentials!

So, there you are, you’re a seasoned ‘caravanner’, or better still a newly appointed ‘Glamper’ – what comforts of home do you want to bring with you? Think, desert island disc, only ‘must-haves-in-the-van’ type scenario. Granted, you’ve probably got the ‘kitchen sink!’ But bearing in mind you only have limited storage space, what essential items would you hate to forget? By ‘essential’ I don’t mean in terms of survival. (And, needless to say I am not referring to those ‘essential’ items that women in particular value, like their favorite hand cream, or mascara –
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Kids in the Bay!

If you’re looking for caravan hire in NSW with the family and want to enjoy a whole range of experiences, Byron Bay is a great place to start. Generally speaking, there often seems to be a lot on offer to stimulate kids, but what about the other end of their emotional spectrum? You know that feeling you get when the kids are over excited and buzzing around like honey bees – they’re tired from all their physical activity and yet they still seem to have the head space for “more input!”
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What makes caravanning so special for you?

If you’ve never tried or even considered caravan hire before, then you’re missing one of life’s’ rare pleasures. It doesn’t matter what your age or what demographic your family consists of, there’s something about ‘life on the open road’ that’s deeply appealing. I have not always been such a huge supporter of caravans. In fact, quite the opposite – I was once one of those people who spoke from a position of ignorance and prejudice. Before I had ever experienced caravanning, I thought it purely the province of the ‘older’ generation.
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Grafton Jacaranda Festival

It’s that wonderful time of year when the magnificence of the Jacaranda tree performs it’s purple symphony. This year HiP Caravan customers will be joining in the festivities in the Northern Rivers beauty spot of Grafton, NSW, where the world-renowned Jacaranda Festival is held yearly, from the last weekend in October to the first weekend in November. What better way to be amongst it, than enjoying a caravan holiday in the caravan parks in and around Grafton. Watch the beauty of the falling blossom from one of HiP’s pop-top caravans or camper trailers –
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Spring is in the air!

Spring is in the air. HiP Caravans, along with the rest of New South Wales, can now look forward to the beginning of the warmer weather. Adventure and exploration are just beckoning all those travelers out there who are eager to hit the road and discover the great Australian outback. What a wonderful time of the year to begin a holiday.
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Officially Open!

We made it! Finally, after months of enthusiastic creativity, passionate and dedicated hard work, sheer determination, countless late nights and perhaps a little touch of madness, all mixed up ‘with a little help from some friends,’ and unyielding support from family – we actually, finally, gloriously, MADE IT!
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